Top 5 Best-Selling Vacuum Cleaner For The Beginners

Currently there exist a lot of vacuum cleaner with various designs and colors to meet different demands of the customers. For this reason, the users may get confused when select as they may not know which type is the best suitable for their purposes. Also, some product has expensive price that not everyone can be affordable. Therefore, in this article, the author will list some of the best product for their more reference to get more confidence when shopping this machine. Just simple refer this website to get the best shark vacuum cleaner reviews on the market 2016 for your family.

Hand Vacuum Magic One MG-901

This machine is a miniature vacuum cleaner, so it just fits the following needs:

+ Vacuuming in a short time, in the range of 5 minutes. If the machine works too long, it will be hot very quickly.

+ Thanks to its conveniently compact design, you can vacuum in small gaps, narrow or high places on a convenient way.

+ Integrating both suck and blow dust function, so you can utilize it in many things.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner MIDEA MVC SC861B

According to many people, this is a perfect combination of mini vacuum cleaner and a full-sized vacuum cleaner. Really, it can take a lot of work, here are a few characteristics of the machine:

+ Coming from a well-known brand in the industry.

+ Ergonomically designed, with an extension of your hand, it can be easily vacuumed in high positions or vacuuming the floor without difficulty.

+ In addition, the machine is quite compact; you can vacuum in small or narrow areas.

+ Pellucid HEPA filters seem well operation.

+ However, the machine is still quite hot during long operations; together with its noise, which is a significant inconvenience.

+ Warranty 12 months.

Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux Z2405

This may be considered as the most complete product in the price range, a product that meets a lot of different needs, which will also satisfy the vast maority of people including those who are discerning. You can get the product reference in the following features:

+ Easy to use, easy to maintain.

+Wheels move easily.

+ Compact, handy.

+ High power: 1600W, which will meet the best needs for domestic use.

+ Designed as a backpack, you can even wear it on the shoulder if you want.

+ Easily wriggle and narrow positions.

+ 24 month warranty

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Tiross TS9301

If you need a vacuum cleaner, which can vacuum dust, water tanks, and together a large capacity and a comfortable price, this is an option not to be missed. Some characteristics of the machine as following:

+ Many functions such as dry suction, absorb water, and blow the wind.

+ Wheels are easy to move.

+ Easy to clean.

+ Accessories: 4 nozzles, 1 wire, 1 tube.

+ Tank capacity: 32 L.

+ Length of wire: 5 M.

+ Power: 220-240V / 50Hz.

+ Suction capacity: 1600W.

+ 12 months warranty

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lilin A335

You should use this type of vacuum cleaner if you have the demands as belows:

+ You need a smart device

+ You want to experience a modern style or a high-class life

+ You love technology and love the automated tools.

+ You want to show your class

+ You have a shop, a cafe, a restaurant and you want your customers to experience a new style

+ You’ve got a vacuum cleaner before and you do not really matter whether this machine can really clean as you do yourself

+ Or you’re a busy man who has no time for cleaning.

+ You have children and you want them to have the new toys that evoke the creative mind

+ And most importantly you are a person with money.

Then this is the machine you buy! The machines of automated vacuum cleaners are the best-selling in 2015 all over the world with so many exciting features such as:

+ Automatic work according to the timetable.

+ Automatically return to charging when the battery is weak.

+ Advanced hygiene systems.

+ Smart Move

+ Avoid collisions with light-colored surface.

+ Products meet European standards