How To Choose Welding Helmet For Welder

Welding is considered one of the processing methods are indispensable in many industries, mechanical engineering, construction, … the aim is to mount two metal rods together to ensure sustainability.

The process of completing the weld is always potentially dangerous high, can be dynamic impact, the intrusion of dust, smoke and toxic metal vapor, heat from sparks emitted light or radiation. So, the fully equipped facilities such as the best welding helmet for labor protection for workers, welders are extremely important to help them avoid the dangers in the work process.

Protective Clothing For Welder

Understand the urgent need to implement it as well as the best mission “to bring safety to the workers,” the company workwear Thien Bang studied and released form Protective clothing for w the new generation of welding. Is the property features effective advantages absolute safety for the welder, who have to work in an environment where hazards can occur at any time.

The following article we would like to introduce the details of protective clothing patterns dedicated to this, and hopefully through this business you will get a protection method for the best workers while ensuring brings results in maximum cost savings.

General Characteristics Of The Product Line Of Protective Clothing For Welders

The product is made of fire resistant cotton, certified ISO quality standards issued.

The variety of styles designed to bring customers a rich variety of choices, matching characteristics or preferences of each unit, the enterprise as protective clothing not only protects it there is an important culture for a company.

Currently, samples welders protective clothing combines black, gray-blue combination is pretty much the units selected by the designers bring high usability, consistent with the work environment is smoky.

Meet All The Criteria

It is reliability ideal, quality high technical standards (such as fire protection…), reasonable price, beautiful and bring comfort to the wearer, clothing products protection for welders.

The accessory comes with welding industry may be mentioned as portable welding mask or headgear.

Those are some of the basic information equipment for labor protection for electrical welding, turning, vapor … For more details and a lot of other equipment to serve all the needs of protection your labor.

The Harmful Effects Of Welding Sparks

The risk of eye disease: corneal, conjunctival and sub-sections of the eyeball may be injured when exposed to the light is too strong. Regularly look at the sparks of welding rods will cause damaged eye keratitis leading to light. In welding sparks light containing UV rays 315mm wavelength, looking too long into the eyes will cause poisoning. Also in the welding sparks and heat radiation contains can cause sore optical – cornea. This illness recover quickly and without complications.

When welding rod fire, generating toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, silica dust, dust, manganese, zinc oxide dust … Inhaling toxic dusts and respiratory health for the exposure.

Skin Burns: When soldering, welding sparks shooting out together with the liquid metal at high temperatures can cause skin burns to welders and others around them.

Risk of Explosion: Recently the situation by explosion welding, metal cutting happens quite a lot. Welding sparks emitted when carrying the metal particles at high temperatures when encountered flammable objects may cause a fire.

How To Avoid It

Protect the beginning: Welding helmet protection is a prerequisite to start welding. Helmet helps prevent the effects of UV rays, infrared rays, rays Soldering slag splashing on the eyes and skin.

Protects the legs, arms and neck skin of welders. Clothing should be made of non-flammable material or retardant. Material leather is always a safe choice to fight for workers flowing burns. Should wear gloves because your hands are more exposed places closest to welding sparks.

Protective Gear

Jingle separation of welding: welding area should build separate rest areas to avoid affecting other areas of light and electric arc. The construction of the separation to minimize damage in the event of a fire and limit the exposure of welding sparks with combustible materials.

Use screens to prevent sparks pvc welding: this type usually are red, have the ability to stop light, molten metal particles splashing affect the surrounding area if you do welding area with the other production areas.

Above are some of the harmful effects of welding sparks and how to avoid them, hoping that these measures can help you safer when welding metals.