Great Benefits Of Water Filter For The Best Result

As can be easily seen, the developed science helps human lives become more advanced, but outside the positives, it still brings many problems seriously affect the living environment. The speed of urbanization, industrialization makes rapid population density, the plant built more and more and the amount of waste generated from it are gradually ruined groundwater resources, directly affecting health . There have been many cases of people dying from contaminated water, causing uncertainty. To protect yourself and limit the diseases transmitted countries, many people have chosen to buy the best water filter system to protect the health of the whole family.  Here are some great benefits of this utensil that you should take into account.

Particularly, RO OhidoWater Filter is proud to bring to the consumer a high quality product, in accordance with the characteristics of water resources in many countries. Furthermore, the product also satisfies the desire more from the customer after-sales service by attentive, professional, 03-year warranty – home care. Therefore, Ohido RO water filter is always the first choice when the customer needs to buy water filters.

RO Ohido Water Filter Can Provide Clean Water, Drinkable Without Boiling And Save Time For Cooking

The operation of RO Ohido Water Filter is based on the reverse osmosis principle – be considered as advanced filtering technology, modern and offers the highest efficiency available today. Water through the filter machine will become pure, drinkable without boiling, adhere to the standards of food hygiene and safety regulations issued by the Ministry of Health. To obtain finished water standards, water supply input for the system will go through many levels of dedicated filter with a special composition, as follows:

+  Core 1 (PP): Made from polypropylene fibers, which creates a pore size of 5 micro-size and has the effect of preventing the dirt, grime, algae, rust, suspended solids in the water.

+ Core 2 (UDF – GAC): The core contains granular activated carbon, which helps to soften water and adsorption of organic impurities, the color, the taste, which is not good in the water, remove residual chlorine.

+ Core 3 (CTO): Crafted of crushed activated carbon in powder form and then squeezed together, the core 3 has a adsorption effect of organic compounds, the chemicals in the water such as pesticides, dioxins, herbicides, insecticides and heavy metals.

+ Core 4 (RO): The most important part and is regarded as the heart of the main water purification membrane. This is a part made with very special structure, the slot of the membrane filter has extremely small size with only 0.0001 microseconds. To make water go through the filter slots, pump will create tremendous pressure to push water continuously sliding surface membrane, reverse osmosis mechanism to help squeeze the purified water through the filter slot to the vessel. Contaminants, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, arsenic, ammonia, lead, mercury, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites pathogenic micro 0.0001 larger size can not squeeze through the gap and will follow the effluent filter to be removed out.

+ Core 5 (CLT33): When the users turn off the tap to use purified water in the vessel containing will be newly pushed up core 5. This is made up of carbon efficient form, which helps to protect against re-bacterial, anti-absorption color receptors, making water taste, naturally sweet.

RO Ohido Water Filter Provides Natural Mineral And Clean Water Good For Health

The famous brands such as Lavie, Aquafina, Miru all apply RO technology to produce bottled water. RO Ohido Water Filter is device’s miniature of RO water filtration systems of large capacity, providing high efficiency, low cost, easy to use for families. Water going through 5-filtered level is completely purified. To help the water achieve the highest quality, the upgrade of the core 6, No. 7, No. 8 is enhanced to add natural minerals, helps both clean water  and good for health.

+  Core 6 (Mineral Filter): The composition consists of particles Maifan stone, a type of stone, which contains more than 45 outside necessary Germanium minerals for the body, good for the physical development such as zinc, sodium, potassium , calcium, magnesium.

+ Core 7 (Alkaline): The filter function creates water alkaline, which helps to neutralize excess acids in the body. Water through the 7 alkaline cores has ideal pH of 8.0 – 9.0, which has effective support for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, and gout.

+ Core 8: With special structure, when water passes through the core 8, it will generate infrared radiation capabilities enriched the oxygen in the water, helping to promote the blood circulation, and prevent from being old.

RO Ohido Water Filter Is Convenient Use, Low Cost, High Efficiency

Scientists recommend the boiled should be drunk within 24 hours and do not get to spend the night into the next day. When owning a RO Ohido T8080 water filter, users feel secure when drinking water straight from the tap, which does not take much time for cooking and storage. On the other hand, use of water through filters for tasks such as washing vegetables soaking, cooking food, beverage dispensing will not be afraid to lose its special flavor, delicious food, save money cost than buying bottled water. This product is also environmentally friendly because power consumption is negligible. Besides, the wastewater away with toxic impurities in the water can fully reuse to other purposes such as cleaning, to avoid waste water plants.